Our Store


We think that every man and especially every woman has eventually felt the urge to buy this special pair of shoes. We know we did but very often we were disappointed by the selection of really good shoe stores in Cologne. And everybody we asked told us that we were right. Only a handful of stores were able to deliver on that promise and give you the feeling you were buying something special. Some had great shoes and brands but you just didn’t feel welcome enough to buy shoes. Others were very welcoming but just did not have the shoes you were looking for.

The idea of doing something ourselves became reality at the end of 2014 and so we started to find the best designers and brands, designed our store and prepared for the big day. And since April 2015 „WANT“ is our version of the store we were looking for. Great brands and designers, special collections for fashion-conscious shoppers who want to have this special something at their feet.

Visit us at our store and find your new favorite shoe. Enjoy a coffee with us and we will give you the best shopping experience. If you need advice we are there for you. If you just want to have a look we’ll make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at WANT!